Saturday, September 1, 2012

North Carolina Zoo 

Gorillas and giraffes and dinosaurs - Oh my!

August 4, the first successful gorilla birth in 23 years for our Zoo occurred when Jamani, a female gorilla, gave birth to a healthy male baby named Bomassa.  And last night, July 31, under a "blue moon," another female gorilla, Olympia, delivered a 4-pound, male baby gorilla, unnamed as yet. There are about 350 gorillas in 52 accredited zoos, with just four successful births out of eight pregnancies recorded during 2011 and early 2012.  With two more births right here, you've gotta believe our zoo is a healthy, happy place for everyone!
In early July, this year, Juma was born - a female giraffe - and she's been out on exhibit since July 31st.  Come watch her stretch her legs!

And the Dinosaurs will be around until October - come to see them before they are gone forever!  From triceratops, to the peculiar therizinosaurus, the towering brachiosaurus, roaring T-Rex and the spitting dilophosaurus - encounter 15 amazing life-like dinosaurs, go inside a paleontologist's tent and let the kids dig in the fossil pits for relic to take home.

So much is going on at the North Carolina Zoo:  a bull elephant had his second successful cataract surgery, allowing him to see well and navigate his exhibit area.  The polar bears are on vacation while renovation takes place for a new arctic ice cave to open in 2014.   Check out all the animals and exhibits at the Zoo's link.   Great fun for the whole family.

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  1. The zoo is doing something right, its great that their are two new residents of North Carolina, in Olympia and Bomassa. With the addition of Juma, the giraffe in the same zoo, the keepers must be staying pretty busy. Really cool.